your truth is static, your identity is elastik

elastik, a creative lab, founded by maher rekik & ghadi nasr,

it aims to help other businesses and brands survive and excel in the repulsive and deprived of imagination capitalist market.
we are not slaves of the system.
we use the system until one day comes where the tables are turned and the true sense of humanity prevails.

what do we do?

elastik lab offers creative services, consulting and training in the field of advertising, branding and spatial and graphic identity.
elastik helps emerging companies, through the design of their communication, to identify themselves strategically to reach a wider audience. And for well-established companies, elastik offers the possibility of defining itself so as to keep their communication in phase

and consistent with the current market.

our background(s)

we come from different corners of the world and we rise from diverse cultural backgrouds.

chez elastik, nous cultivons notre diversité et l'utilisons à bon escient, en votre faveur.

languages are the initial mean of communication.

que nous vous encourageons à exploiter pleinement.

it can be as complex as arabic,

.فإنّ التواصل باللغة العربيّة هو من أسسنا وإنّه لأمرٌ  نفتخر به

or as emotive as italian,

perché pure col italiano ci sentiamo bene, anzi, è una lingua che teniamo nel cuore.

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milan - italy
liege - belgium

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